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Nora - 13" Full Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Baby-full lips Newborn Girl With Cute Mouth And Pliable And Authentic Little Feet

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Realistic Silicone Baby Doll Features

  • Name: Nora
  • Gender: Baby Girl
  • Size: 13inches/30cm
  • Weight: 1.5KG
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eyes: Blue eyes(with long hand-rooted eyelashes)
  • Eyebrow: 100% pure hand-drawn
  • Nail: 100% handmade nails, pink nail bed, translucent nails
  • Scent: A soft baby powder scent
  • Body Material: Solid Platinum Liquid Full Silicone
  • Friendly Playmate: This Reborn Baby Doll conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and CPC for ages 3+. Totally safe for your kid.
  • Gift Ideas: The reborn doll makes for a versatile gift, suitable for birthdays, Christmas, or as a playmate for children and companion for grandparents. It can also be a valuable addition to a doll collection. Furthermore, it can significantly assist kindergarten teachers and expectant mothers, even Alzheimer's patients.

★Full Silicone Baby is Better than Viny Dolls

  • The baby is made of Platinum Liquid Silicone, which is completely safe, non-toxic, and PVC-free. Unlike vinyl dolls, it has a solid body, not hollow. It has a weighted body and a soft, elastic texture that feels like a real baby to the touch. Its fingers and feet are soft, and it can be hugged, providing a peaceful and lifelike experience when cradled in your arms.

★Take Him Home Now

  • 1 x Reborn Full Silicone Baby Doll
  • 1 x Birth certificate
  • 1 x Pacifier
  • 1 x Nursing bottle
  • 1 x Clothes set (We will dress him in a cute outfit, which may not be exactly like the one in the picture)

★What you need to know before adopting

  • Avoid extreme heat and cold
  • Avoid objects that can stain your doll, like ink or markers
  • Keep your doll away from pets which are probably going to miscalculate it as a toy and bite on it
  • Keep magnetic parts away from individuals with hearing aids, pacemakers, or metal implants
  • When you receive the doll, you feel that the doll is greasy, Don't panic, you can apply cool powder after bathing the doll, it will not be greasy.
  • All silicone babies have sutures on the head, which is one of the craftsmanship of making dolls, so there will be slight marks on the head, it is not a quality problem.