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Ellie - 24" Reborn Baby Dolls Adorable Chubby Face Toddlers Girl With Cute Rosy Nose

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Realistic-Baby Doll Features

  • Name: Ellie
  • Gender: Baby Girl
  • Size: 24inches/60cm
  • Weight: 1.8kg/4LB
  • Hair: Hand-rooted Hair
  • Eyes: Brown eyes(with long hand-rooted eyelashes)
  • Mouth: Magnetic, come with a pacifier
  • Eyebrow: 100% pure hand-drawn
  • Nail: 100% handmade nails, pink nail bed, translucent nails
  • Scent: A soft baby powder scent
  • Body Material: Huggable weighted cloth body and Silicone vinyl limbs
  • Friendly Playmate: This Reborn Baby Doll conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and CPC for ages 3+. Totally safe for your kid.
  • Gift Ideas: The reborn doll makes for a versatile gift, suitable for birthdays, Christmas, or as a playmate for children and companion for grandparents. It can also be a valuable addition to a doll collection. Furthermore, it can significantly assist kindergarten teachers and expectant mothers, even Alzheimer's patients.
  • Clothing: The doll will come with clothes. You can change clothes for her by yourself, It fits into 3 months of newborn-size clothes, strollers, diapers, and other baby accessories.

★Take Him Home Now

  • 1 x Reborn doll
  • 1 x Nursing bottle
  • 1 x Magnetic pacifier
  • 1 x Birth certificate
  • 1 x Clothes set (We will dress him in a cute outfit, which may not be exactly like the one in the picture)

★What you need to know before adopting

  • Avoid extreme heat and cold
  • Avoid objects that can stain your doll, like ink or markers
  • Keep your doll away from pets which are probably going to miscalculate it as a toy and bite on it
  • Keep magnetic parts away from individuals with hearing aids, pacemakers, or metal implants
  • Actual hairstyles may vary from the pictures as they were specifically styled for the photos. You can also customize the hairstyles according to your preferences. If the hair appears slightly tangled, please use a wig comb to gently detangle it. Avoid jerking or pulling the hair while brushing. Additionally, refrain from using heated curling irons, blow dryers, or straighteners when taking care of your doll's hair.

★It's all in the details

  • The realistic baby's shoulders and body are made of high-quality cotton, and the interior is filled with PP cotton,  the arms, and legs are made of Soft Touch vinyl, so the arms and legs can be bathed, and the rest of her body should be carefully spot cleaned only. Its resemblance to a real baby is striking, with its plump face, moist lips, clear eyes with long hand-rooted eyelashes, and lifelike skin. The details are incredibly realistic, from the hand-drawn nails with a red nail bed and translucent nails to the delicate veins and capillaries on its body, The doll features hand-carved skin texture on its hands, feet, and ears, as well as hand-rooted hair for added authenticity. Its flexible and poseable limbs allow for easy sitting and lying down, though it cannot stand, speak, pee, or open its eyes. We hope you will love these incredibly realistic reborn Baby dolls.