CITY OF INDUSTRY, June 3, 2020 – Vacos today drops its top 1 AI boom – Vacos Cam 100% wire-free security camera- into smart home field worldwide.

Customers can purchase this AI power for 24/7 peace of mind globally at 20% off on Vacos Official Online Store:

Vacos Cam Battery Powered IP Camera

In November 2019, Vacos Cam was debuted in Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding platforms, bringing the most versatile and best overall battery-operated security cameras to customers globally.

Upon its debut, Vacos Cam got featured on a lot of top-tier media, such as Business Insider, YaHoo Finance, ZDNet, NAS Compares, PPLWare, Redeszone, Trend Hunter, Geeky Gadgets, etc. and became a red-hot smart device among customers worldwide.

Now Vacos Cam carries on its way to global availability via its land-in on the official online store and US & Europe Amazon.

Vacos is always developing the best security solutions for customers. Through 2-year endeavor, Vacos Team built the Vacos Cam, a truly wireless security camera that cures customers’ wiring headache. The PIR motion detection and AI algorithm remove the false alarms greatly. The outbreak full color night vision tech enables the camera to remain colorful images even in complete darkness – turn night into day.

The main purpose of traditional security solutions is to catch evidence in the unfortunate event of an intrusion. However, Vacos Cam battery WiFi IP camera, with the unrivaled spotlight and siren alarms, is able to deter intruders before intrusion and can act as the reactive deterrent camera.

Vacos Cam is also designed for environmentalists. This security camera works with Vacos Solar Panel for an eco-friendly and non-stop charging way, freeing customers from charging the security camera regularly. Simply plug the solar panel into the camera and just forget it.

The zero-cable IP camera provides 2 video storage ways: 16 GB eMMC local and 90-day free cloud storage. Customers can save the most vital motion-triggered videos to the local eMMC or cloud for not missing any precious moment or important event.

Vacos Cam, 2020’s top 1 rechargeable battery-powered security camera, brings 24/7 peace of mind to customers all the year round.

Pricing & Availability
Vacos Cam is now available in Vacos Official Online Store. Customers can enjoy 20% off right now and the fastest shipping.

About Vacos
Vacos aims to be the global pioneer in smart home to bring the best and finest smart security solutions for customers worldwide. Vacos’ deep expertise in product creation, seamless WiFi connection, top-class cloud and AI technology all enable Vacos team to develop seamless smart security products for customers to create a 100% connected, smart and helpful home.

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