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How to deal with a lack of sleep as a new mum?

by LI JUN 29 Apr 2022

Being a new mum is one of the best experiences in the world, but it also demands a lot of sacrifices. The lack of sleep definitely is probably the most difficult one to deal with. You absolutely adore your new bundle of joy, but sleep deprivation is slowly driving you to insanity.

Then how do you overcome the lack of sleep at night as a new mum? Here are some brilliant tips that might just work for you!

Taking Assistance is Not A Crime

When it is available, don’t feel about getting a little help from family or friends. You don’t have to take every chore around the house into your hands. If you want, you can guide others to do those chores so you can catch a much-needed breath.

Take this free time to maybe get a short nap in or relax with your eyes closed on the sofa. If you haven’t eaten for a while, get some food while you plan out the next few days with your newborn. Getting some help now will allow you to deal with the lack of sleep at night better as a new mum.

Sleep Whenever Possible

New mums are often strongly advised to sleep when their baby does. But let’s be realistic, you can’t always force yourself to fall asleep when your newborn decides to take a nap. But you can also decide to sleep whenever possible.

As discussed above, maybe sleep when you have someone to watch the baby. If you can’t fall asleep, at least allow yourself to relax and close your eyes for a few minutes. Try your best to catch some sleep when your baby is resting, but don’t overwork yourself too much about it as well.

Always, Make Your Health A Priority

Being a mum is arguably the hardest thing to do in the entire world. And such a task cannot be done unless you pay close attention to your own needs as well. Taking care of your mental and physical health is just as essential to ensure an amazing new mum experience for yourself.

Find free time to maybe go out on a walk for a few minutes or go grocery shopping. You can also exercise lightly each day and pay attention to your diet to ensure good health. These small things will make the lack of sleep at night less hard on your body.

Implement Healthy Sleeping Habits For Both of You

Sometimes the environment that you are constantly in can cause a lack of sleep for new mums. Thus, it’s necessary that you ensure have a calming environment and good sleeping habits as well. And this needs to be done for both you and your precious baby.

Develop a proper sleep routine if you want for both of you. Maybe you can try meditation or listen to soothing music to help you sleep. Spend time telling stories to your child instead of being on your smartphone. Better sleeping habits without a doubt will improve your and your baby’s quality of sleep over time.

Take Professional Help If Needed For Sleep Deprivation

There might be a few cases where the lack of sleep at night is not entirely because of the newborn baby. You might be suffering from sleep disorders or something else that results in sleep deprivation. If you feel that might be the case, it’s time to talk to a professional expert about it.

Also if the lack of sleep is greatly affecting the other parts of your routine, it’s worth considering giving a visit to the doctor. You can even talk to a therapist in case you are facing mental health issues due to sleep deprivation. In any case, it’s always a smart choice to take professional advice in case you can’t solve the sleep issue yourself.

Social Support Can Help Miraculously

Often as a new mum, you can relate to other mums out there, and talking to them can help you out a ton. It’s essential to have friends who share the same concerns as you so you don’t feel lonely in this new experience.

You can join baby classes or baby support groups in case you struggle to cope with the lack of sleep at night. Find other mums in your area or online so that you can ask for advice or just share your experience with them. This can greatly help you with the mental strain of the entire sleep deprivation issue.

About the contributor:

Sarah Anguish is a northerner at heart, now living in Norfolk with her husband and three children. Alongside running a family lifestyle blog she works for her local NHS stop smoking service, juggling the highs and lows of being a working parent around the needs of her busy family

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